Class JspPropertyGroupDescriptorImpl

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      java.lang.String getBuffer()
      Obtain the per-page buffer configuration for this group of JSP pages.
      java.lang.String getDefaultContentType()
      Obtain the default content type this group of JSP pages
      java.lang.String getDeferredSyntaxAllowedAsLiteral()
      Is the deferred El syntax #{...} allowed to be used as a literal in this group?
      java.lang.String getElIgnored()
      Is Expression Language ignored for this group?
      java.lang.String getErrorOnUndeclaredNamespace()
      Should an error be raised at translation time for a page in this group if the page contains a reference (e.g. a tag) to a undeclared namespace.
      java.util.Collection<java.lang.String> getIncludeCodas()
      Obtain the codas to include for this group.
      java.util.Collection<java.lang.String> getIncludePreludes()
      Obtain the preludes to include for this group.
      java.lang.String getIsXml()
      Should the JSPs in this group be treated as JSP documents?
      java.lang.String getPageEncoding()
      Obtain the page encoding for this group.
      java.lang.String getScriptingInvalid()
      Is scripting disabled for this group?
      java.lang.String getTrimDirectiveWhitespaces()
      Should the JSPs in this group have template text that only contains whitespace removed?
      java.util.Collection<java.lang.String> getUrlPatterns()
      Obtain the patterns to which this group applies.
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