Interface ObjectCreationFactory

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public interface ObjectCreationFactory

Interface for use with FactoryCreateRule. The rule calls createObject(org.xml.sax.Attributes) to create an object to be pushed onto the Digester stack whenever it is matched.

AbstractObjectCreationFactory is an abstract implementation suitable for creating anonymous ObjectCreationFactory implementations.

  • Method Details

    • createObject

      Object createObject(Attributes attributes) throws Exception
      Factory method called by FactoryCreateRule to supply an object based on the element's attributes.
      attributes - the element's attributes
      the created object
      Exception - any exception thrown will be propagated upwards
    • getDigester

      Digester getDigester()
      the Digester that was set by the FactoryCreateRule upon initialization.
    • setDigester

      void setDigester(Digester digester)
      Set the Digester to allow the implementation to do logging, classloading based on the digester's classloader, etc.
      digester - parent Digester object