Class OpenSSLCipherConfigurationParser

  • public class OpenSSLCipherConfigurationParser
    extends Object
    Class in charge with parsing openSSL expressions to define a list of ciphers.
    • Constructor Detail

      • OpenSSLCipherConfigurationParser

        public OpenSSLCipherConfigurationParser()
    • Method Detail

      • parseExpression

        public static List<String> parseExpression​(String expression)
        Parse the specified expression according to the OpenSSL syntax and returns a list of standard JSSE cipher names.
        expression - the openssl expression to define a list of cipher.
        the corresponding list of ciphers.
      • jsseToOpenSSL

        public static String jsseToOpenSSL​(String jsseCipherName)
        Converts a JSSE cipher name to an OpenSSL cipher name.
        jsseCipherName - The JSSE name for a cipher
        The OpenSSL name for the specified JSSE cipher
      • openSSLToJsse

        public static String openSSLToJsse​(String opensslCipherName)
        Converts an OpenSSL cipher name to a JSSE cipher name.
        opensslCipherName - The OpenSSL name for a cipher
        The JSSE name for the specified OpenSSL cipher. If none is known, the IANA standard name will be returned instead
      • usage

        public static void usage()