Class ConcurrentMessageDigest


public class ConcurrentMessageDigest extends Object
A thread safe wrapper around MessageDigest that does not make use of ThreadLocal and - broadly - only creates enough MessageDigest objects to satisfy the concurrency requirements.
  • Method Details

    • digestMD5

      public static byte[] digestMD5(byte[]... input)
    • digestSHA1

      public static byte[] digestSHA1(byte[]... input)
    • digest

      public static byte[] digest(String algorithm, byte[]... input)
    • digest

      public static byte[] digest(String algorithm, int iterations, byte[]... input)
    • init

      public static void init(String algorithm) throws NoSuchAlgorithmException
      Ensures that digest(String, byte[][]) will support the specified algorithm. This method must be called and return successfully before using digest(String, byte[][]).
      algorithm - The message digest algorithm to be supported
      NoSuchAlgorithmException - If the algorithm is not supported by the JVM