Package javax.servlet

Interface ServletRegistration.Dynamic

All Superinterfaces:
Registration, Registration.Dynamic, ServletRegistration
Enclosing interface:

public static interface ServletRegistration.Dynamic extends ServletRegistration, Registration.Dynamic
Interface through which a Servlet registered via one of the addServlet methods on ServletContext may be further configured.
  • Method Details

    • setLoadOnStartup

      void setLoadOnStartup(int loadOnStartup)
      Set the loadOnStartup order for the Servlet
      loadOnStartup - The position in the order the Servlet should be started (higher numbers are started after lower numbers)
    • setServletSecurity

      Set<String> setServletSecurity(ServletSecurityElement constraint)
      Add security constraints to this Servlet.
      constraint - new security constraints for this Servlet
      urls currently mapped to this registration that are already present in web.xml
    • setMultipartConfig

      void setMultipartConfig(MultipartConfigElement multipartConfig)
      Set the multi-part configuration for the associated Servlet. To clear the multi-part configuration specify null as the new value.
      multipartConfig - The configuration to associate with the Servlet
    • setRunAsRole

      void setRunAsRole(String roleName)
      Set the name of the user / group under which the Servlet should be configured to run.
      roleName - name of the user / group or null if none