Class AuthenticatorBase

All Implemented Interfaces:
RegistrationListener, MBeanRegistration, Authenticator, Contained, JmxEnabled, Lifecycle, Valve
Direct Known Subclasses:
BasicAuthenticator, DigestAuthenticator, FormAuthenticator, NonLoginAuthenticator, SpnegoAuthenticator, SSLAuthenticator

public abstract class AuthenticatorBase extends ValveBase implements Authenticator, RegistrationListener
Basic implementation of the Valve interface that enforces the <security-constraint> elements in the web application deployment descriptor. This functionality is implemented as a Valve so that it can be omitted in environments that do not require these features. Individual implementations of each supported authentication method can subclass this base class as required.

USAGE CONSTRAINT: When this class is utilized, the Context to which it is attached (or a parent Container in a hierarchy) must have an associated Realm that can be used for authenticating users and enumerating the roles to which they have been assigned.

USAGE CONSTRAINT: This Valve is only useful when processing HTTP requests. Requests of any other type will simply be passed through.

Craig R. McClanahan