Class SpnegoAuthenticator

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    RegistrationListener, MBeanRegistration, Authenticator, Contained, JmxEnabled, Lifecycle, Valve

    public class SpnegoAuthenticator
    extends AuthenticatorBase
    A SPNEGO authenticator that uses the SPNEGO/Kerberos support built in to Java 6. Successful Kerberos authentication depends on the correct configuration of multiple components. If the configuration is invalid, the error messages are often cryptic although a Google search will usually point you in the right direction.
    • Constructor Detail

      • SpnegoAuthenticator

        public SpnegoAuthenticator()
    • Method Detail

      • getLoginConfigName

        public String getLoginConfigName()
      • setLoginConfigName

        public void setLoginConfigName​(String loginConfigName)
      • isStoreDelegatedCredential

        public boolean isStoreDelegatedCredential()
      • setStoreDelegatedCredential

        public void setStoreDelegatedCredential​(boolean storeDelegatedCredential)
      • getNoKeepAliveUserAgents

        public String getNoKeepAliveUserAgents()
      • setNoKeepAliveUserAgents

        public void setNoKeepAliveUserAgents​(String noKeepAliveUserAgents)
      • getApplyJava8u40Fix

        public boolean getApplyJava8u40Fix()
      • setApplyJava8u40Fix

        public void setApplyJava8u40Fix​(boolean applyJava8u40Fix)
      • getAuthMethod

        protected String getAuthMethod()
        Description copied from class: AuthenticatorBase
        Return the authentication method, which is vendor-specific and not defined by HttpServletRequest.
        Specified by:
        getAuthMethod in class AuthenticatorBase
        the authentication method, which is vendor-specific and not defined by HttpServletRequest.
      • initInternal

        protected void initInternal()
                             throws LifecycleException
        Description copied from class: LifecycleMBeanBase
        Sub-classes wishing to perform additional initialization should override this method, ensuring that super.initInternal() is the first call in the overriding method.
        initInternal in class ValveBase
        LifecycleException - If the initialisation fails
      • doAuthenticate

        protected boolean doAuthenticate​(Request request,
                                         HttpServletResponse response)
                                  throws IOException
        Description copied from class: AuthenticatorBase
        Provided for sub-classes to implement their specific authentication mechanism.
        Specified by:
        doAuthenticate in class AuthenticatorBase
        request - The request that triggered the authentication
        response - The response associated with the request
        true if the the user was authenticated, otherwise false, in which case an authentication challenge will have been written to the response
        IOException - If an I/O problem occurred during the authentication process
      • isPreemptiveAuthPossible

        protected boolean isPreemptiveAuthPossible​(Request request)
        Description copied from class: AuthenticatorBase
        Can the authenticator perform preemptive authentication for the given request?
        isPreemptiveAuthPossible in class AuthenticatorBase
        request - The request to check for credentials
        true if preemptive authentication is possible, otherwise false