Class HTMLManagerServlet

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    Servlet, ServletConfig, Serializable, ContainerServlet

    public final class HTMLManagerServlet
    extends ManagerServlet
    Servlet that enables remote management of the web applications deployed within the same virtual host as this web application is. Normally, this functionality will be protected by a security constraint in the web application deployment descriptor. However, this requirement can be relaxed during testing.

    The difference between the ManagerServlet and this Servlet is that this Servlet prints out an HTML interface which makes it easier to administrate.

    However if you use a software that parses the output of ManagerServlet you won't be able to upgrade to this Servlet since the output are not in the same format ar from ManagerServlet

    Bip Thelin, Malcolm Edgar, Glenn L. Nielsen
    See Also:
    ManagerServlet, Serialized Form