Class MessageDigestCredentialHandler

All Implemented Interfaces:

public class MessageDigestCredentialHandler extends DigestCredentialHandlerBase
This credential handler supports the following forms of stored passwords:
  • encodedCredential - a hex encoded digest of the password digested using the configured digest
  • {MD5}encodedCredential - a Base64 encoded MD5 digest of the password
  • {SHA}encodedCredential - a Base64 encoded SHA1 digest of the password
  • {SSHA}encodedCredential - 20 byte Base64 encoded SHA1 digest followed by variable length salt.
     {SSHA}<sha-1 digest:20><salt:n>
  • salt$iterationCount$encodedCredential - a hex encoded salt, iteration code and a hex encoded credential, each separated by $

If the stored password form does not include an iteration count then an iteration count of 1 is used.

If the stored password form does not include salt then no salt is used.