Class GenericObjectPool<T>

Type Parameters:
T - Type of element pooled in this pool.
All Implemented Interfaces:
Closeable, AutoCloseable, GenericObjectPoolMXBean, ObjectPool<T>, UsageTracking<T>

public class GenericObjectPool<T> extends BaseGenericObjectPool<T> implements ObjectPool<T>, GenericObjectPoolMXBean, UsageTracking<T>
A configurable ObjectPool implementation.

When coupled with the appropriate PooledObjectFactory, GenericObjectPool provides robust pooling functionality for arbitrary objects.

Optionally, one may configure the pool to examine and possibly evict objects as they sit idle in the pool and to ensure that a minimum number of idle objects are available. This is performed by an "idle object eviction" thread, which runs asynchronously. Caution should be used when configuring this optional feature. Eviction runs contend with client threads for access to objects in the pool, so if they run too frequently performance issues may result.

The pool can also be configured to detect and remove "abandoned" objects, i.e. objects that have been checked out of the pool but neither used nor returned before the configured removeAbandonedTimeout. Abandoned object removal can be configured to happen when borrowObject is invoked and the pool is close to starvation, or it can be executed by the idle object evictor, or both. If pooled objects implement the TrackedUse interface, their last use will be queried using the getLastUsed method on that interface; otherwise abandonment is determined by how long an object has been checked out from the pool.

Implementation note: To prevent possible deadlocks, care has been taken to ensure that no call to a factory method will occur within a synchronization block. See POOL-125 and DBCP-44 for more information.

This class is intended to be thread-safe.

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