Class UEncoder

  • public final class UEncoder
    extends Object
    Efficient implementation of a UTF-8 encoder. This class is not thread safe - you need one encoder per thread. The encoder will save and recycle the internal objects, avoiding garbage. You can add extra characters that you want preserved, for example while encoding a URL you can add "/".
    Costin Manolache
    • Constructor Detail

      • UEncoder

        public UEncoder​(UEncoder.SafeCharsSet safeCharsSet)
        Create a UEncoder with an unmodifiable safe character set.
        safeCharsSet - safe characters for this encoder
    • Method Detail

      • encodeURL

        public CharChunk encodeURL​(String s,
                                   int start,
                                   int end)
                            throws IOException
        URL Encode string, using a specified encoding.
        s - string to be encoded
        start - the beginning index, inclusive
        end - the ending index, exclusive
        A new CharChunk contained the URL encoded string
        IOException - If an I/O error occurs