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public interface JspPage extends jakarta.servlet.Servlet
The JspPage interface describes the generic interaction that a JSP Page Implementation class must satisfy; pages that use the HTTP protocol are described by the HttpJspPage interface.

Two plus One Methods

The interface defines a protocol with 3 methods; only two of them: jspInit() and jspDestroy() are part of this interface as the signature of the third method: _jspService() depends on the specific protocol used and cannot be expressed in a generic way in Java.

A class implementing this interface is responsible for invoking the above methods at the appropriate time based on the corresponding Servlet-based method invocations.

The jspInit() and jspDestroy() methods can be defined by a JSP author, but the _jspService() method is defined automatically by the JSP processor based on the contents of the JSP page.


The _jspService()method corresponds to the body of the JSP page. This method is defined automatically by the JSP container and should never be defined by the JSP page author.

If a superclass is specified using the extends attribute, that superclass may choose to perform some actions in its service() method before or after calling the _jspService() method. See using the extends attribute in the JSP_Engine chapter of the JSP specification.

The specific signature depends on the protocol supported by the JSP page.

 public void _jspService(ServletRequestSubtype request,
                             ServletResponseSubtype response)
        throws ServletException, IOException;