Class BodyContent

All Implemented Interfaces:
Closeable, Flushable, Appendable, AutoCloseable

public abstract class BodyContent extends JspWriter
An encapsulation of the evaluation of the body of an action so it is available to a tag handler. BodyContent is a subclass of JspWriter.

Note that the content of BodyContent is the result of evaluation, so it will not contain actions and the like, but the result of their invocation.

BodyContent has methods to convert its contents into a String, to read its contents, and to clear the contents.

The buffer size of a BodyContent object is unbounded. A BodyContent object cannot be in autoFlush mode. It is not possible to invoke flush on a BodyContent object, as there is no backing stream.

Instances of BodyContent are created by invoking the pushBody and popBody methods of the PageContext class. A BodyContent is enclosed within another JspWriter (maybe another BodyContent object) following the structure of their associated actions.

A BodyContent is made available to a BodyTag through a setBodyContent() call. The tag handler can use the object until after the call to doEndTag().