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Packages that use ServletContext

Uses of ServletContext in javax.servlet

Methods in javax.servlet that return ServletContext
 ServletContext ServletContextEvent.getServletContext()
          Return the ServletContext that changed.
 ServletContext ServletContext.getContext(java.lang.String uripath)
          Returns a ServletContext object that corresponds to a specified URL on the server.
 ServletContext ServletConfig.getServletContext()
          Returns a reference to the ServletContext in which the caller is executing.
 ServletContext GenericServlet.getServletContext()
          Returns a reference to the ServletContext in which this servlet is running.
 ServletContext FilterConfig.getServletContext()
          Returns a reference to the ServletContext in which the caller is executing.

Constructors in javax.servlet with parameters of type ServletContext
ServletContextEvent(ServletContext source)
          Construct a ServletContextEvent from the given context.
ServletContextAttributeEvent(ServletContext source, java.lang.String name, java.lang.Object value)
          Construct a ServletContextAttributeEvent from the given context for the given attribute name and attribute value.

Uses of ServletContext in javax.servlet.http

Methods in javax.servlet.http that return ServletContext
 ServletContext HttpSession.getServletContext()
          Returns the ServletContext to which this session belongs.

Uses of ServletContext in javax.servlet.jsp

Methods in javax.servlet.jsp that return ServletContext
abstract  ServletContext PageContext.getServletContext()
          The ServletContext instance.

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