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Uses of JspException in javax.servlet.jsp

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 class JspTagException
          Exception to be used by a Tag Handler to indicate some unrecoverable error.

Uses of JspException in javax.servlet.jsp.tagext

Methods in javax.servlet.jsp.tagext that throw JspException
 int TagSupport.doStartTag()
          Default processing of the start tag, returning SKIP_BODY.
 int TagSupport.doEndTag()
          Default processing of the end tag returning EVAL_PAGE.
 int TagSupport.doAfterBody()
          Default processing for a body
 int Tag.doStartTag()
          Process the start tag for this instance.
 int Tag.doEndTag()
          Process the end tag for this instance.
 int IterationTag.doAfterBody()
          Process body (re)evaluation.
 int BodyTagSupport.doStartTag()
          Default processing of the start tag returning EVAL_BODY_BUFFERED
 int BodyTagSupport.doEndTag()
          Default processing of the end tag returning EVAL_PAGE.
 void BodyTagSupport.doInitBody()
          Prepare for evaluation of the body just before the first body evaluation: no action.
 int BodyTagSupport.doAfterBody()
          After the body evaluation: do not reevaluate and continue with the page.
 void BodyTag.doInitBody()
          Prepare for evaluation of the body.

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