Class ProxyErrorReportValve

All Implemented Interfaces:
MBeanRegistration, Contained, JmxEnabled, Lifecycle, Valve

public class ProxyErrorReportValve extends ErrorReportValve

Implementation of a Valve that proxies or redirects error reporting to other urls.

This Valve should be attached at the Host level, although it will work if attached to a Context.

  • Field Details

    • useRedirect

      protected boolean useRedirect
      Use a redirect or proxy the response to the specified location. Default to redirect.
    • usePropertiesFile

      protected boolean usePropertiesFile
      Use a properties file for the URLs.
  • Constructor Details

    • ProxyErrorReportValve

      public ProxyErrorReportValve()
  • Method Details

    • getUseRedirect

      public boolean getUseRedirect()
      the useRedirect
    • setUseRedirect

      public void setUseRedirect(boolean useRedirect)
      useRedirect - the useRedirect to set
    • getUsePropertiesFile

      public boolean getUsePropertiesFile()
      the usePropertiesFile
    • setUsePropertiesFile

      public void setUsePropertiesFile(boolean usePropertiesFile)
      usePropertiesFile - the usePropertiesFile to set
    • report

      protected void report(Request request, Response response, Throwable throwable)
      Description copied from class: ErrorReportValve
      Prints out an error report.
      report in class ErrorReportValve
      request - The request being processed
      response - The response being generated
      throwable - The exception that occurred (which possibly wraps a root cause exception