Class AbstractCatalinaTask

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Direct Known Subclasses:
AbstractCatalinaCommandTask, FindLeaksTask, JKStatusUpdateTask, JMXGetTask, JMXQueryTask, JMXSetTask, ListTask, ResourcesTask, ServerinfoTask, SslConnectorCiphersTask, ThreaddumpTask, VminfoTask

public abstract class AbstractCatalinaTask extends BaseRedirectorHelperTask
Abstract base class for Ant tasks that interact with the Manager web application for dynamically deploying and undeploying applications. These tasks require Ant 1.4 or later.
Craig R. McClanahan
  • Field Details

    • charset

      protected String charset
      The charset used during URL encoding.
    • password

      protected String password
      The login password for the Manager application.
    • url

      protected String url
      The URL of the Manager application to be used.
    • username

      protected String username
      The login username for the Manager application.
    • ignoreResponseConstraint

      protected boolean ignoreResponseConstraint
      If set to true - ignore the constraint of the first line of the response message that must be "OK -".

      When this attribute is set to false (the default), the first line of server response is expected to start with "OK -". If it does not then the task is considered as failed and the first line is treated as an error message.

      When this attribute is set to true, the first line of the response is treated like any other, regardless of its text.

  • Constructor Details

    • AbstractCatalinaTask

      public AbstractCatalinaTask()
  • Method Details

    • getCharset

      public String getCharset()
    • setCharset

      public void setCharset(String charset)
    • getPassword

      public String getPassword()
    • setPassword

      public void setPassword(String password)
    • getUrl

      public String getUrl()
    • setUrl

      public void setUrl(String url)
    • getUsername

      public String getUsername()
    • setUsername

      public void setUsername(String username)
    • isIgnoreResponseConstraint

      public boolean isIgnoreResponseConstraint()
    • setIgnoreResponseConstraint

      public void setIgnoreResponseConstraint(boolean ignoreResponseConstraint)
    • execute

      public void execute() throws
      Execute the specified command. This logic only performs the common attribute validation required by all subclasses; it does not perform any functional logic directly.
      execute in class
      Throws: - if a validation error occurs
    • execute

      public void execute(String command) throws
      Execute the specified command, based on the configured properties.
      command - Command to be executed
      Throws: - if an error occurs
    • execute

      public void execute(String command, InputStream istream, String contentType, long contentLength) throws
      Execute the specified command, based on the configured properties. The input stream will be closed upon completion of this task, whether it was executed successfully or not.
      command - Command to be executed
      istream - InputStream to include in an HTTP PUT, if any
      contentType - Content type to specify for the input, if any
      contentLength - Content length to specify for the input, if any
      Throws: - if an error occurs