Class StatusManagerServlet

  • All Implemented Interfaces:, java.util.EventListener,, Servlet, ServletConfig

    public class StatusManagerServlet
    extends HttpServlet
    This servlet will display a complete status of the HTTP/1.1 connector.
    Remy Maucherat
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    • Field Detail

      • mBeanServer

        protected mBeanServer
        MBean server.
      • protocolHandlers

        protected final java.util.Vector<> protocolHandlers
        Unused. Will be removed in Tomcat 10.1.x
        Vector of protocol handlers object names.
      • threadPools

        protected final java.util.Vector<> threadPools
        Vector of thread pools object names.
      • requestProcessors

        protected final java.util.Vector<> requestProcessors
        Vector of request processors object names.
      • globalRequestProcessors

        protected final java.util.Vector<> globalRequestProcessors
        Vector of global request processors object names.
      • sm

        protected static final StringManager sm
        The string manager for this package.
    • Constructor Detail

      • StatusManagerServlet

        public StatusManagerServlet()