Class ReplicationTransmitter

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    ChannelSender, Heartbeat

    public class ReplicationTransmitter
    extends java.lang.Object
    implements ChannelSender
    Transmit message to other cluster members Actual senders are created based on the replicationMode type
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      void add​(Member member)
      add new cluster member and create sender ( s. replicationMode) transfer current properties to sender
      Channel getChannel()
      Return the channel that is related to this ChannelSender
      MultiPointSender getTransport()  
      void heartbeat()
      Call transmitter to check for sender socket status
      void remove​(Member member)
      remove sender from transmitter. ( deregister mbean and disconnect sender )
      void sendMessage​(ChannelMessage message, Member[] destination)
      Send data to one member
      void setChannel​(Channel channel)
      Set the channel that is related to this ChannelSender
      void setTransport​(MultiPointSender transport)  
      void start()
      start the sender and register transmitter mbean
      void stop()
      stop the sender and deregister mbeans (transmitter, senders)
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