Class JspServletWrapper

  • public class JspServletWrapper
    extends java.lang.Object
    The JSP engine (a.k.a Jasper). The servlet container is responsible for providing a URLClassLoader for the web application context Jasper is being used in. Jasper will try get the Tomcat ServletContext attribute for its ServletContext class loader, if that fails, it uses the parent class loader. In either case, it must be a URLClassLoader.
    Anil K. Vijendran, Harish Prabandham, Remy Maucherat, Kin-man Chung, Glenn Nielsen, Tim Fennell
    • Method Detail

      • setReload

        public void setReload​(boolean reload)
      • getReload

        public boolean getReload()
      • setCompilationException

        public void setCompilationException​(JasperException je)
        Sets the compilation exception for this JspServletWrapper.
        je - The compilation exception
      • setServletClassLastModifiedTime

        public void setServletClassLastModifiedTime​(long lastModified)
        Sets the last-modified time of the servlet class file associated with this JspServletWrapper.
        lastModified - Last-modified time of servlet class
      • loadTagFile

        public java.lang.Class<?> loadTagFile()
                                       throws JasperException
        Compile (if needed) and load a tag file.
        the loaded class
        JasperException - Error compiling or loading tag file
      • loadTagFilePrototype

        public java.lang.Class<?> loadTagFilePrototype()
                                                throws JasperException
        Compile and load a prototype for the Tag file. This is needed when compiling tag files with circular dependencies. A prototype (skeleton) with no dependencies on other other tag files is generated and compiled.
        the loaded class
        JasperException - Error compiling or loading tag file
      • getDependants

        public java.util.Map<java.lang.String,​java.lang.Long> getDependants()
        Get a list of files that the current page has source dependency on.
        the map of dependent resources
      • isTagFile

        public boolean isTagFile()
      • incTripCount

        public int incTripCount()
      • decTripCount

        public int decTripCount()
      • getJspUri

        public java.lang.String getJspUri()
      • destroy

        public void destroy()
      • getLastModificationTest

        public long getLastModificationTest()
        Returns the lastModificationTest.
      • setLastModificationTest

        public void setLastModificationTest​(long lastModificationTest)
        lastModificationTest - The lastModificationTest to set.
      • getLastUsageTime

        public long getLastUsageTime()
        the lastUsageTime.
      • handleJspException

        protected JasperException handleJspException​(java.lang.Exception ex)

        Attempts to construct a JasperException that contains helpful information about what went wrong. Uses the JSP compiler system to translate the line number in the generated servlet that originated the exception to a line number in the JSP. Then constructs an exception containing that information, and a snippet of the JSP to help debugging. Please see and for more details.

        ex - the exception that was the cause of the problem.
        a JasperException with more detailed information