Class AprEndpoint.Sendfile

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public class AprEndpoint.Sendfile extends Object implements Runnable
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    • Sendfile

      public Sendfile()
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    • getSendfileCount

      public int getSendfileCount()
    • init

      protected void init()
      Create the sendfile poller.
    • start

      protected void start()
    • stop

      protected void stop()
    • destroy

      protected void destroy()
      Destroy the poller.
    • add

      Add the sendfile data to the sendfile poller. Note that in most cases, the initial non blocking calls to sendfile will return right away, and will be handled asynchronously inside the kernel. As a result, the poller will never be used.
      data - containing the reference to the data which should be sent
      true if all the data has been sent right away, and false otherwise
    • remove

      protected void remove(AprEndpoint.SendfileData data)
      Remove socket from the poller.
      data - the sendfile data which should be removed
    • run

      public void run()
      The background thread that listens for incoming TCP/IP connections and hands them off to an appropriate processor.
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      run in interface Runnable