Apache Tomcat features regularly at ApacheCon and other conferences. Copies of many of these presentations are freely available online. This page provides links to these presentations where known. If you are aware of additional presentations then please do let us know via the Tomcat Users mailing list.

Scheduled presentations

To be confirmed.

Future Topics

The following suggestions have been received for future presentation topics. To add your idea to the list, e-mail the Tomcat users mailing list.

  • Proxy protocol choice HTTP vs AJP
  • Clustering and session replication
  • how to set up Tomcat so as to make upgrades easier
  • the relationship between Tomcat and the Java Servlet Specification
  • for sysadmins : how to set up Tomcat logging
  • tools and formulas for tuning Tomcat for specific load scenarios
  • when and how to generate heap dumps, and how to (roughly) interpret them
  • Hardening Tomcat to make it more secure

TomcatCon 2017

  • State of the Cat - Mark Thomas, slides
  • Introduction to Tomcat and TLS - Mark Thomas, slides
  • Securing Tomcat for your environment - Mark Thomas, slides
  • Load balancing - Mark Thomas, slides
  • Wrap up - Mark Thomas, slides

ApacheCon 2016

  • Seamless Upgrades for Credential Security in Apache Tomcat - Christopher Schultz, slides
  • Monitoring Apache Tomcat with JMX - Christopher Schultz, slides
  • Using OpenSSL to Boost JSSE in Tomcat - Jean-Frederic Clere, slides

Webinar Series 2016

  • Connector selection: BIO vs NIO vs NIO2 vs APR (markt) video
  • TLS key/certificate generation (markt) video, script
  • Introducing Apache Tomcat 8.5 (markt) video

Webinar Series 2015

  • Tomcat 9: HTTP/2 Quick Start (markt), video
  • TLS Virtual Hosting (markt), video

ApacheCon 2015

  • Tomcat Clustering: Part 1 - Reverse Proxies (markt), slides
  • Tomcat Clustering: Part 2 - Load-balancing (markt), slides
  • Tomcat Clustering: Part 3 - Clustering (markt), slides
  • Load-balancing Tomcat with mod_jk - Christopher Schultz, slides
  • Monitoring Apache Tomcat with JMX - Christopher Schultz, slides

ApacheCon 2014

  • Apache Tomcat and SSL – Mark Thomas, slides, audio
  • Monitoring Apache Tomcat – Christopher Schultz, slides, audio
  • Migrating to Apache Tomcat 8 – Mark Thomas, slides, audio
  • Connecting Tomcat to the World: Performance and other considerations when selecting a Tomcat connector – Christopher Schultz, Jean-Frederic Clere, slides not available, audio
  • A Practical use of Servlet 3.1: Implementing WebSocket – Mark Thomas, slides, audio

Java One, September 2013 (San Francisco)

  • Building WebSocket 1.0 on Servlet 3.1 (markt) pdf

Pivotal Open Source Hub, September 2013 (San Francisco)

  • Apache Tomcat 8 (markt) pdf

ApacheCon North America, February 2013 (Portland)

  • Apache Tomcat Clustering (markt) video, pdf
  • Apache Tomcat 8 update (markt) video, pdf
  • The Good, the Bad and the Ugly: Security Vulnerability Reports from the Apache Tomcat project (markt) video, pdf
  • Monitoring Apache Tomcat and the Apache Web Server (rjung) video
  • Continuous Delivery with Maven, Puppet and Tomcat (Carlos Sanchez) video

ApacheCon Europe, October 2012 (Sinsheim)

  • Apache Tomcat 8 Preview (markt) pdf
  • Apache Tomcat Reverse Proxies (markt) pdf, notes (rjung)

JavaOne, September 2010 (San Francisco)

  • Memory Leaks (markt) pdf