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All of the Apache Tomcat source code, documentation and this web site are managed under version control using Subversion. This page explains the structure of the Apache Tomcat Subversion repository. The page assumes you are familiar with the general Apache guidance for Subversion.

All Subversion links on this page use anonymous access.

Repository Structure

The root of the repository is

Note: there is also ViewVC-powered web view of the repository.

The directories below this level are:

/archive/ Modules that are no longer maintained
/jk/ The native source code for the Tomcat Connectors. This includes mod_jk, isapi and nsapi. The current code is in /jk/trunk/.
/maven-plugin/ The Apache Tomcat Maven Plugin source code and website.
/native/ The native source code for the Tomcat Native/APR Connector. The current code is in /native/branches/1.1.x/ (1.1.x) and /native/trunk/ (1.2.x).
/sandbox/ An area where Tomcat committers can experiment with new ideas.
/site/ The Apache Tomcat website.
/taglibs/ The Apache Taglibs source code and website.
/tags/ Tags for the primary development branch. Mainly used for modules.
/tc6.0.x/ The stable Tomcat 6.0.x release branch. See /tc6.0.x/trunk/.
/tc7.0.x/ The stable Tomcat 7.0.x release branch. See /tc7.0.x/trunk/.
/tc8.0.x/ The stable Tomcat 8.0.x release branch. See /tc8.0.x/trunk/.
/tc8.5.x/ The Tomcat 8.5.x release branch. See /tc8.5.x/trunk/.
/trunk/ The primary development branch. Tomcat 9.0.x. Changes are first implemented here, then backported to other branches.

Git Mirror

The Apache Software Foundation provides read-only Git mirrors for its projects. See

Several notes for the users of Git:

  1. The Git repositories at and their clones at GitHub are only mirrors. The official code repository is the Subversion one, documented above.
  2. To propose a patch, please follow general patch submission guidelines, documented on the Bug Database page.