26 September 2017


Hilton Doubletree, Westminster, London, UK


TomcatCon London is the place for all users of Tomcat to expand their Tomcat knowledge in areas such as networking, security, performance and deployment. It also offers an opportunity to discuss the current Tomcat roadmap and help inform future development.

Registration for TomcatCon London is now open.


  • 08.00 Registration and Breakfast
  • 09.00 Welcome
    Introduction and Welcome from our event sponsor, Liferay
  • 09.20 State of the Cat
    Mark Thomas (markt)
    A review of the past year or so for Apache Tomcat and a look forward to what is expected in the coming 12 months. In particular, this will include the progress of Tomcat 9 towards its first stable release.
  • 10.20 New and upcoming
    Rémy Maucherat (remm)
    In this session Rémy will discuss the features recently added to Tomcat as well as new features currently being considered including HTTP/2, NIO, suspend/resume, async I/O uses, OpenSSL support and cloud clustering.
  • 11.20 Break
  • 11.40 Reverse Proxies, Load-Balancing & Clustering - Part 1
    Mark Thomas (markt)
    Apache Tomcat provides many options for expanding a Tomcat installation beyond a single instance. In this pair of presentations, Mark will review the options for load-balancing requests across multiple instances and for replicating session data between those instances. The pros and cons of each of the options will be discussed to enable attendees to make the right choices for their environment. The presentations will also cover common misconceptions and configuration mistakes to enable attendees to avoid those pitfalls.
  • 12.40 Lunch
  • 13.40 Reverse Proxies, Load-Balancing & Clustering - Part 2
    Mark Thomas (markt)
    See above.
  • 14.40 Tomcat from the Cluster to the Cloud
    Jean-Frederic Clere (jfclere)
    Using Tomcat in the cloud like in a cluster requires some work. The presentation will look to the problems and solutions to have a distributed application running in the cloud. A small cloud of Raspberry PI will be used to demo one solution using Kubernetes.
  • 15.40 Break
  • 16.00 Ask Us Anything
    Mark Thomas (markt), Rémy Maucherat (remm) and Jean-Frederic Clere (jfclere)
    This is your opportunity to ask Mark, Rémy and Jean-Frederic anything about working with Apache Tomcat. In addition to being able to ask any questions that occur to you during the day, there will be an opportunity to provide your questions in advance during this registration process.

See you there!


This event is sponsored by Liferay, the robust java-based open source platform (5 million downloads) used to build sophisticated transactional websites and deliver them to web browsers and native mobile clients. Liferay, Inc provides enterprise support for the commercial release which is used by organisations such as Allianz, Volkswagen Group and the NHS.

Thanks to c2b2 for providing sponsorship for speaker travel and associated expenses.

Thanks to Red Hat and Pivotal for donating the speakers' time.

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