Third party tools and add-ons

A list of third party tools and add-ons (most of them free) is maintained on the Apache Tomcat® wiki. Please note that the Apache Tomcat project doesn't endorse any of the products listed. If you use or develop a tool or add-on for Apache Tomcat please feel free to add it to the list on the wiki.


  • So Much Static, a traffic and performance benchmark analysis by Peter Lin.
  • There are many documents explaining how to connect various versions of Apache Web Server (httpd) or Microsoft IIS and Apache Tomcat. Some of these documents are more up to date than others. Links to some of the more useful documents are listed on the Apache Tomcat wiki's useful links page.
  • Tomcat Performance, by Peter Lin


The Apache Tomcat project doesn't endorse any of the books mentioned here. They are mentioned just because they are Tomcat centric and may be useful references. The books are listed by descending publication date.

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