Class StandardSession

All Implemented Interfaces:
HttpSession, Serializable, Session
Direct Known Subclasses:

public class StandardSession extends Object implements HttpSession, Session, Serializable
Standard implementation of the Session interface. This object is serializable, so that it can be stored in persistent storage or transferred to a different JVM for distributable session support.

IMPLEMENTATION NOTE: An instance of this class represents both the internal (Session) and application level (HttpSession) view of the session. However, because the class itself is not declared public, Java logic outside of the org.apache.catalina.session package cannot cast an HttpSession view of this instance back to a Session view.

IMPLEMENTATION NOTE: If you add fields to this class, you must make sure that you carry them over in the read/writeObject methods so that this class is properly serialized.

Craig R. McClanahan, Sean Legassick, Jon S. Stevens
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