Class ParallelWebappClassLoader

All Implemented Interfaces:
Closeable, AutoCloseable, Lifecycle, WebappProperties, InstrumentableClassLoader, PermissionCheck

public class ParallelWebappClassLoader extends WebappClassLoaderBase
  • Constructor Details

    • ParallelWebappClassLoader

      public ParallelWebappClassLoader()
    • ParallelWebappClassLoader

      public ParallelWebappClassLoader(ClassLoader parent)
  • Method Details

    • copyWithoutTransformers

      public ParallelWebappClassLoader copyWithoutTransformers()
      Description copied from interface: InstrumentableClassLoader
      Returns a copy of this class loader without any class file transformers. This is a tool often used by Java Persistence API providers to inspect entity classes in the absence of any instrumentation, something that can't be guaranteed within the context of a ClassFileTransformer's transform method.

      The returned class loader's resource cache will have been cleared so that classes already instrumented will not be retained or returned.

      the transformer-free copy of this class loader.