Class FarmWarDeployer

All Implemented Interfaces:
ClusterDeployer, FileChangeListener, ChannelListener

public class FarmWarDeployer extends ClusterListener implements ClusterDeployer, FileChangeListener

A farm war deployer is a class that is able to deploy/undeploy web applications in WAR from within the cluster.

Any host can act as the admin, and will have three directories
  • watchDir - the directory where we watch for changes
  • deployDir - the directory where we install applications
  • tempDir - a temporaryDirectory to store binary data when downloading a war from the cluster
Currently we only support deployment of WAR files since they are easier to send across the wire.
Peter Rossbach
  • Field Details

    • started

      protected boolean started
    • fileFactories

      protected final HashMap<String,FileMessageFactory> fileFactories
    • deployDir

      protected String deployDir
      Deployment directory.
    • tempDir

      protected String tempDir
      Temporary directory.
    • watchDir

      protected String watchDir
      Watch directory.
    • watchEnabled

      protected boolean watchEnabled
    • watcher

      protected WarWatcher watcher
    • processDeployFrequency

      protected int processDeployFrequency
      Frequency of the Farm watchDir check. Cluster wide deployment will be done once for the specified amount of backgroundProcess calls (ie, the lower the amount, the most often the checks will occur).
    • configBase

      protected File configBase
      Path where context descriptors should be deployed.
    • host

      protected Host host
      The associated host.
    • mBeanServer

      protected MBeanServer mBeanServer
      MBean server.
    • oname

      protected ObjectName oname
      The associated deployer ObjectName.
    • maxValidTime

      protected int maxValidTime
      The maximum valid time(in seconds) for FileMessageFactory.
  • Constructor Details

    • FarmWarDeployer

      public FarmWarDeployer()
  • Method Details

    • start

      public void start() throws Exception
      Description copied from interface: ClusterDeployer
      Start the cluster deployer, the owning container will invoke this
      Specified by:
      start in interface ClusterDeployer
      Exception - - if failure to start cluster
    • stop

      public void stop() throws LifecycleException
      Description copied from interface: ClusterDeployer
      Stops the cluster deployer, the owning container will invoke this
      Specified by:
      stop in interface ClusterDeployer
      LifecycleException - Error stopping cluster deployer
    • messageReceived

      public void messageReceived(ClusterMessage msg)
      Callback from the cluster, when a message is received, The cluster will broadcast it invoking the messageReceived on the receiver.
      Specified by:
      messageReceived in class ClusterListener
      msg - ClusterMessage - the message received from the cluster
    • getFactory

      Create factory for all transported war files
      msg - The file
      Factory for all app message (war files)
      FileNotFoundException - Missing file error
      IOException - Other IO error
    • removeFactory

      public void removeFactory(FileMessage msg)
      Remove file (war) from messages
      msg - The file
    • accept

      public boolean accept(ClusterMessage msg)
      Before the cluster invokes messageReceived the cluster will ask the receiver to accept or decline the message, In the future, when messages get big, the accept method will only take a message header
      Specified by:
      accept in class ClusterListener
      msg - ClusterMessage
      boolean - returns true to indicate that messageReceived should be invoked. If false is returned, the messageReceived method will not be invoked.
    • install

      public void install(String contextName, File webapp) throws IOException
      Install a new web application, whose web application archive is at the specified URL, into this container and all the other members of the cluster with the specified context name.

      If this application is successfully installed locally, a ContainerEvent of type INSTALL_EVENT will be sent to all registered listeners, with the newly created Context as an argument.

      Specified by:
      install in interface ClusterDeployer
      contextName - The context name to which this application should be installed (must be unique)
      webapp - A WAR file or unpacked directory structure containing the web application to be installed
      IllegalArgumentException - if the specified context name is malformed
      IllegalStateException - if the specified context name is already deployed
      IOException - if an input/output error was encountered during installation
    • remove

      public void remove(String contextName, boolean undeploy) throws IOException
      Remove an existing web application, attached to the specified context name. If this application is successfully removed, a ContainerEvent of type REMOVE_EVENT will be sent to all registered listeners, with the removed Context as an argument. Deletes the web application war file and/or directory if they exist in the Host's appBase.
      Specified by:
      remove in interface ClusterDeployer
      contextName - The context name of the application to be removed
      undeploy - boolean flag to remove web application from server
      IllegalArgumentException - if the specified context name is malformed
      IllegalArgumentException - if the specified context name does not identify a currently installed web application
      IOException - if an input/output error occurs during removal
    • fileModified

      public void fileModified(File newWar)
      Modification from watchDir war detected!
      Specified by:
      fileModified in interface FileChangeListener
      See Also:
    • fileRemoved

      public void fileRemoved(File removeWar)
      War remove from watchDir
      Specified by:
      fileRemoved in interface FileChangeListener
      See Also:
    • remove

      protected void remove(String contextName) throws Exception
      Invoke the remove method on the deployer.
      contextName - The context to remove
      Exception - If an error occurs removing the context
    • undeployDir

      protected void undeployDir(File dir)
      Delete the specified directory, including all of its contents and subdirectories recursively.
      dir - File object representing the directory to be deleted
    • backgroundProcess

      public void backgroundProcess()
      Call watcher to check for deploy changes
      Specified by:
      backgroundProcess in interface ClusterDeployer
      See Also:
    • check

      protected void check(String name) throws Exception
      Check a context for deployment operations.
      name - The context name
      Exception - Error invoking the deployer
    • tryAddServiced

      protected boolean tryAddServiced(String name) throws Exception
      Attempt to mark a context as being serviced
      name - The context name
      true if the application was marked as being serviced and false if the application was already marked as being serviced
      Exception - Error invoking the deployer
    • removeServiced

      protected void removeServiced(String name) throws Exception
      Mark a context as no longer being serviced.
      name - The context name
      Exception - Error invoking the deployer
    • equals

      public boolean equals(Object listener)
      Specified by:
      equals in interface ChannelListener
      equals in class Object
      listener - Object
      See Also:
    • hashCode

      public int hashCode()
      Specified by:
      hashCode in interface ChannelListener
      hashCode in class Object
      See Also:
    • getDeployDir

      public String getDeployDir()
    • getDeployDirFile

      public File getDeployDirFile()
    • setDeployDir

      public void setDeployDir(String deployDir)
    • getTempDir

      public String getTempDir()
    • getTempDirFile

      public File getTempDirFile()
    • setTempDir

      public void setTempDir(String tempDir)
    • getWatchDir

      public String getWatchDir()
    • getWatchDirFile

      public File getWatchDirFile()
    • setWatchDir

      public void setWatchDir(String watchDir)
    • isWatchEnabled

      public boolean isWatchEnabled()
    • getWatchEnabled

      public boolean getWatchEnabled()
    • setWatchEnabled

      public void setWatchEnabled(boolean watchEnabled)
    • getProcessDeployFrequency

      public int getProcessDeployFrequency()
      the frequency of watcher checks.
    • setProcessDeployFrequency

      public void setProcessDeployFrequency(int processExpiresFrequency)
      Set the watcher checks frequency.
      processExpiresFrequency - the new manager checks frequency
    • getMaxValidTime

      public int getMaxValidTime()
    • setMaxValidTime

      public void setMaxValidTime(int maxValidTime)
    • copy

      protected boolean copy(File from, File to)
      Copy a file to the specified temp directory.
      from - copy from temp
      to - to host appBase directory
      true, copy successful
    • removeInvalidFileFactories

      protected void removeInvalidFileFactories()