Interface ChannelListener

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AbstractReplicatedMap, CloudMembershipProvider, ClusterListener, ClusterSessionListener, DNSMembershipProvider, FarmWarDeployer, KubernetesMembershipProvider, LazyReplicatedMap, ReplicatedMap, RpcChannel, SimpleTcpCluster, StaticMembershipProvider

public interface ChannelListener
An interface to listens to incoming messages from a channel.

When a message is received, the Channel will invoke the channel listener in a conditional sequence. if ( listener.accept(msg,sender) ) listener.messageReceived(msg,sender);
A ChannelListener implementation MUST NOT return true on accept(Serializable, Member) if it doesn't intend to process the message. The channel can this way track whether a message was processed by an above application or if it was just received and forgot about, a feature required to support message-response(RPC) calls