Interface Valve

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AbstractAccessLogValve, AccessLogValve, AuthenticatorBase, BasicAuthenticator, ClusterSingleSignOn, CrawlerSessionManagerValve, DigestAuthenticator, ErrorReportValve, ExtendedAccessLogValve, FilterValve, FormAuthenticator, HealthCheckValve, JDBCAccessLogValve, JsonAccessLogValve, JsonErrorReportValve, JvmRouteBinderValve, LoadBalancerDrainingValve, NonLoginAuthenticator, PersistentValve, ProxyErrorReportValve, RemoteAddrValve, RemoteCIDRValve, RemoteHostValve, RemoteIpValve, ReplicationValve, RequestFilterValve, RewriteValve, SemaphoreValve, SingleSignOn, SpnegoAuthenticator, SSLAuthenticator, SSLValve, StuckThreadDetectionValve, ValveBase

public interface Valve

A Valve is a request processing component associated with a particular Container. A series of Valves are generally associated with each other into a Pipeline. The detailed contract for a Valve is included in the description of the invoke() method below.

HISTORICAL NOTE: The "Valve" name was assigned to this concept because a valve is what you use in a real world pipeline to control and/or modify flows through it.
Craig R. McClanahan, Gunnar Rjnning, Peter Donald